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Michigan’s Early Spring Fishing May be Tougher Than Usual This Year

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on January 19, 2011

The early cold snap that covered much of Michigan with snow has helped to bring about one of the colder winters I can remember. My dreams of Detroit becoming a fresh water Cancun by the time I’m ready to retire are slowly dwindling. Global warming, get your act together will ya!

The additional ice and frozen ground moisture is likely to create a lot of run off this spring. I’m not writing a forecast but the basic idea is more snow and ice equals more water that will need to find its way out to bigger waters. The other concern is timing. The ice out and snow melt will likely last longer than normal. I think this spring will be marked by a later start to many of the spring fishing opportunities and many rivers will be muddier than in years past.

The next part of the chain reaction will be to the lake temperatures. Colder water inflow will result in delayed spring runs of many common sport species. On the flip side, fishing spots like the Detroit and St. Clair rivers may be great spots to go in late spring and early summer. A few weeks of delay can mean you get to fish in 60 degree weather instead of 50 degree weather. It’s a small plus. I’d also expect walleye to remain in the west side of Lake Erie a bit longer which is nice for those of you making long runs to go after them.

It’s far from a perfect science, just my opinion on something to watch out for. If your planning trips to rivers like the Maumee you may want to delay just a bit or take some extra time to check out the conditions.

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Successful Fishermen Understand the “Why?”

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on July 7, 2009

I always like to tell people that I am not going fishing. I’m going catching. There’s a big difference.

I do still go fishing, I love to experiment, experience truly is the best teacher (if you are paying attention).

So what’s the difference between fishing and catching? What makes some anglers successful, while others struggle?

It’s an understanding of the “Why?”.

So what is the “Why?”? Simply put, it’s the reason you are doing what you are doing. If you can answer these questions every time you are fishing then you may be close:

  1. Why am I using this lure?
  2. Why am I presenting it this way?
  3. Why am I fishing it in this spot?
  4. Why am I using this line?
  5. Why is it working or (more likely) not working?

I will elaborate more on these subjects (continued from Bleacher Report) in the near future but I will address them some here as well.

  1. Each lure has purpose, it may be used in many ways, such as a plastic worm, or it may be more specific like a chatterbait. If you are going to fish a lure you should know what purpose it has. The catch here is that you give each lure purpose. Which leads us to the next point.
  2. The way you fish a lure can be the main difference between catching fish and just casting a lure. Crankbaits and stickbaits can be jerked erratically, walked steadily, and anything in between, soft plastics can be rigged in a seemingly endless array of presentations. It is important to understand why a presentation will be successful. Are the fish active? Is one weight going to keep the lure in the strike zone longer?
  3. Location, Location, Location, right? Yes, it is that important. If you Find the right spot, and use the right lure and presentation, then you are very likely to be successful.
  4. Line type fits in with presentation. Clear, open water usually calls for smaller diameter flourocarbon and mono. Thick weeds and brush usually calls for heavy braid. Fish can see line when it’s obvious. It is important to learn how to use what you need. If you are vertically jigging in 30 feet of water for small mouth bass with no weeds or structure around, you may only need 10 pound fluorocarbon line. Fishing in heavy weeds for the same fish may require 65 pound braid. If you know which lure and how you want it presented for the spot you chose, then make sure your line matches.
  5. This is the most important question to answer. The more times you answer this question, the better you have become. When you can successfully identify why something is working, you can use that knowledge to catch fish another time. Likewise, you can learn a lot from what does not work as well. Figure out if it’s the lure, the color, the presentation, or just a bad location. Experiment, pay attention, and learn to be a better fishermen.

Next time your out, pay attention to the “Why?”, you’ll be a better fishermen if you do.

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Detroit River Walleye Fishing Trip May 1, 2009

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on May 1, 2009

Sean had a decent morning.

Sean had a decent morning.

I was able to get out for a few hours this morning to see how the Walleye action was doing on the Detroit River. I was fishing with friends near the Mud Island and the Ecorse River Inlet. The weather conditions were ideal with very little wind, about 5 mph or so out of the West/South West, overcast skies, and temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.

There was very little boat traffic to start the morning and the overall boat traffic was moderate to low as the morning went on. The drive out was beautiful, we launched around 6 am and were still under the city lights as we idled out to the big waters. The Ambassador Bridge could be seen in the distance with it’s lights on.

We spent the entire morning on the U.S. side of the river. We fished in the areas around Mud Island, drifting from buoy to buoy and starting the process over. My friend Sean, from up in Minnesota, was along for the ride and it was his first time on the river. He was the first to hook up and caught a nice keeper Walleye early on. We had several hits after that but didn’t boat another fish for a short while. Our Captain (well it’s his boat anyways so Captain it is) Mike was next to boat a fish. I finally got in on the action and then had a run of good luck. By 9:30 am we had seven nice keeper fish in the boat and had thrown back several more smaller fish. We also caught a few White Bass and Sean and I each were each surprised by a Small Mouth Bass. All in all it was a successful morning.

Other commitments forced me back ashore around 10 am and Sean and I left Mike behind to catch some more fish.

We ran into Captain Jon Bondy with some customers, they were boating fish throughout the morning as well. You can visit him at . I would strongly recommend using a guide the first time on the water. The amount of knowledge you can gain on one trip is worth the cost alone. It is a lot of water to cover and knowledge is key to success.

The water was pretty cloudy and visibility was low. I found the most success came by keeping the jig within inches of the bottom. Most bites were being had about an inch or two off the bottom. I was quickly popping the jig up, sometimes pausing it, and always keeping tension on it so I could feel every bite.

I’ll upload a picture when I get a chance. Until then, get out and make some pictures of your own!

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Water Quality Report for the Detroit River

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on April 30, 2009

The Detroit River is warming up and is back on trend. The water is very muddy though with recent storms and rain water rushing into the water system. The Canadian side is especially muddy. You should probably stick with the US side for the most part. Walleye numbers are on the rise right now with limits being caught despite the tough conditions. You may have to brighten things up or add some scent to help get that extra bite in the low visibility conditions. Good luck on the water. I’ll be out there tomorrow morning and hopefully I’ll have another report and some pictures to share.

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