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  1. detroitsportsandmore said

    Is Larry Foote going to be here, should he be here, and what is the right price?

  2. detroitsportsandmore said

    With Jon Jansen and Ephram Salaam the offensive line is looking like a veteran group that should get the job done. The coaches seem to prefer veteran guys to rookies. With Backus, Raiola, Loper, Jansen, Salaam, Gosder, and Ramirez rotating in the Lions would appear to eb a much different line than last year. Depth was a major concern as was overall size and strength. Gosder grew throughout the season and should come into his own this year.

    If the Lions can use the right guy at the right guard spot, Kevin smith should be able to run that way for positive yardage when he needs to. Jon Jansen may be the right guard or split time there this year. His release is reportedly due to his lack of pass blocking ability due to age and injury. He is still a capable run blocker according to Jim Zorn. A tough veteran that will come in and compete, he could give the ground game some pop and should eb another positive veteran force in the locker room.

    The Lions have raised the floor with this team thus far. The bottom of the roster is significantly improved over last year. Quality depth cna eb a life saver in teh NFL and having guys to decvelop is key.

    Go Lions!

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