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Michigan Moose Hunting Viability Being Researched

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on January 13, 2011

In an article on, really a small series of articles, I have been paying attention to the possibilities of Moose hunting becoming an option in coming years. The feedback is very interesting to me.

Right now there is an estimated 500 moose roaming Michigan’s upper peninsula. That’s not all that many obviously but the question is whether or not the population could sustain a harvest season and, if so, how many moose could be harvested in a season. Make no mistake, moose hunting is not allowed and is not going to be allowed soon, they are simply doing the research at this point.

I think it is great overall. If the research concludes hunting isn’t sustainable then that’s good. Hopefully we will know what the herd needs to look like to support a hunting season. If it is plausible then I am happy whenever we are allowed to make use of the resources of our great state. Moose hunting can be quite special and any time you get the opportunity to harvest big game like elk or moose you have something special and unique. Most of us can’t afford to fly in to Alaska and to have the ability to go on Elk or Moose hunts close to home is a real blessing. ¬†The harvest season may consist of a 10 bull season, kind of like some of the inland sturgeon seasons we see, but even that is a big improvement over no opportunity.

I sincerely hope that if we go down the road to a moose season that some of the money goes towards improving habitat. Habitat and predation are too major factors for the moose population. The rebound of wolves and industry present more danger than a hunter in my mind. It will become important to protect and enhance the environments if we want continued moose hunting privileges.

I will do my best to follow up on progress as I hear about it. If you have any thoughts on the subject or are following/familiar with it please let me know in the comments.

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