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Pistons Trade Rumor

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on January 10, 2011

There is plenty of press surrounding the Carmelo Anthony trade but not much talk of it’s impact on Detroit. The balance of the team and the money allocation has been a problem for two seasons now. Two of it’s worst seasons in the last decade. The trade as it is rumored to go down would balance the floor out some.

The addition of Troy Murphy and Johan Petro has plenty of pros and cons. The pros are the addition of two big men, one who can score, and the other has good length. Murphy is still capable of putting up 12 points and grabbing 9 boards a night with a modest defensive presence. Murphy is an expiring contract is the biggest factor. Petro is a salary dump for the Nets. He’s paid bout 3 million a year for this year and next it appears. The deal is reported to save the Pistons about 17 million overall and next year it would provide upwards of 9 million of cap room to work with by my quick calculation.

One part of the deal that is still unclear, the whole thing is still a rumor at this point, is where Devin Harris should land. Denver doesn’t seem thrilled to have him with Ty Lawson already there. From Detroit’s perspective I don’t know why Detroit couldn’t be a possible landing spot. Harris is a former all-star that plays the point. Detroit could certainly use an upgrade at the point. Rodney Stuckey has shown flashes but he still looks to be a shooting guard that can slash more than a point guard.

I would love to see Detroit make a real effort to move Tayshaun Prince in this trade. His salary isn’t ideal but it is close to Devin Harris, Prince makes just slightly over 2 million more per year, and Prince would have a much more significant impact on Denver’s lineup. He would actually take Melo’s spot on the floor and is better than anything they currently have. Detroit could bring over Quentin Ross or Stephen Graham along with Harris to even the financials out some. That would make a 1 million dollar difference in Detroit’s favor for this end of the deal and if I was Denver, I’d be happy to take Prince to be my starter for 1 million dollars versus saving the 1 million and having a really good backup point guard(whether that would be Lawson or Harris).

I hope  this deal happens, I like my scenario above, but I would be cautious about giving up any draft picks on this young and rebuilding team. It appears Joe Dumars isn’t willing to give up picks and hopefully he can swing a pick out of it. Even a 2nd round pick can be worthwhile. Just look at Jonas Jerebko.


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