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Pumpkinseed That Started My Search For a Michigan State Record.

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on August 8, 2009

I thought this picture was long gone but I was lucky enough to find it on an obscure memory card. This is the fish that started my quest for a State Record. This Pumkinseed Sunfish is 10 1/8″ long, and weighed 0.97 lbs. according to my Berkeley Digital Scale. ( I still think the scale doesn’t work properly. The other day it told me a nice 20″ bass weighed under 3 lbs., um??? I don’t know about that.)That's me and my fish....






I still think this fish may have been closer, if not bigger, than the current State Record in my home state of Michigan. I have caught a few other fish since then that were around the 9″ mark but none with the mature dome-like head that the bigger fish develop.

Below is a 9″ Gill next to the Pumpkinseed.

10 1/8" Pumkinseed next to 8 3/4" Gill


So the quest continues……


1.35 lbs and 10″+ is the mark.

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