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Pistons Free Agency and Coaching Update: July 1, 2009

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on July 1, 2009

Some reports are saying the current coaching vacancy is Doug Collins to lose. That may be a stretch, he had a semi-rocky past with the Pistons, but is certainly possible. Avery Johnson seems to be rumored as the second choice on the list with a log jam behind them including names such as John Kuersten, Sam Mitchell, Bill Laimbeer, I heard Rudy Tomjonavich, Jeff Van Gundy, and more.

As far as the free agency period goes, the Pistons and Ben Gordon still tops the rumor chart. David Lee appears to be a strong option at the power forward spot as does Charlie Villanueva. Villanueva is likely to be a much better deal financially and I expect a run at him. With Gordon and Villanueva the Pistons will have enough money to sign a deal around the mid-level exception or slightly lower. They could save this money and make a trade of Richard Hamilton, allowing them to bring back a center with a slightly larger contract (Chris Bosch anyone? sign and trade with Lee?) or they could take the money and spend it on some role players and depth. A center would add much more value to the roster in a trade but the depth would be suspect at that point.

The Pistons need help up front, Joe Dumars knows this and his attempt to address it in the draft needs to be noted. The front court is key. He will need to bring in at least two new front court players that can play the forward and center positions.

From a financial perspective, Gordon and Villanueva make sense, I think that opens the Pistons to trading Rip and picking up another big man. They could throw Fabricio Oberto in the deal to make it work.

I’d like to see this scenario most at this point. Stuckey, Gordon, Prince, Villanueva, and (Bosch, Jefferson, Lee, etc.)give the Pistons one of the better starting fives in the league. It’s a very balanced attack that would be very difficult to defend.

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