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Ty Conklin Will Not be Re-signed as Red Wings Goalie Next Season

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on June 29, 2009

GM Ken Holland has stated that Ty Conklin will not be brought back next season. Detroit is a team that operates right at the cap and looks like they will use youngster Jimmy Howard as the back up goal tender this season. Holland also let us know that Marian Hossa is not a likely sign and that it is more likely that Samuelson will be here next season.

I have a lot of faith in what ken Holland is doing, he has earned that, however I do question the signing of Samuelson. He’s not worth a whole lot on this team, in my opinion. I would look at bringing up a few of the young guys and spending what money I have on making the defense better and deeper. A big, strong forward that helps maintain puck possession would also be some value with the likely departure of Hossa. Samuelson doesn’t fit either of these needs. He’s a decent player who belongs on the third line.

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