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What are the Some of the Possibilities After the Detroit Pistons Draft?

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on June 26, 2009

A few things appear certain for the Pistons.

1. Rodney Stuckey is the point guard of the future.

2. The Pistons are not happy with their depth, especially in the front court.

Some things that aren’t so certain.

1. Rip Hamilton’s future with the Pistons.

2. Tayshaun Prince’s future with the Pistons.

3. The free agent and trade targets of the Pistons.

During an interview held between the first and second round picks in the 2009 NBA Draft, Joe Dumars mentioned how he liked his back court players. Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey, and Aaron Afflalo were mentioned, Richard Hamilton was not. With the rumors about Ben Gordon and this slip (which could mean nothing in all fairness) it still seems likely Detroit would look to move Hamilton.

With Gordon here and Hamilton moved, it is highly likely the Piston would look to add another front court player with a trade. Tyson Chandler is a prospect that would be a good move. He would bring some size and skill to the Center position. I’m sure the Chris Bosh rumors will persist.

If the Pistons play things right we could see a new shooting guard, power forward, and center. We could also see a new small forward if they look to move Tayshaun Prince.

One over looked move on draft day was the trade of second rounder Chase Budinger. The Pistons pick up a future second round pick, likely in a stronger draft class, and get cash. I believe it to be $500,000.00, but don’t quote that.

With another half million to spend the free agency market is getting more interesting every day huh?

It’s looking like Boozer and Gordon are coming here to me.

I think a trade of Rip is possible, with him going to a team like New Orleans for the, seemingly always on the trading block, Tyson Chandler. I’m not a huge fan of the Boozer and Gordon signings unless they make financial sense. No way Gordon deserves $11 million like many suggest was offered at one time. I think 8 maybe 9 is okay.

Gordon is more valuable than Rip at this point though, neither are particularly strong on the defensive end and Gordon can create his own plays, something Rip is not as good at. He doesn’t pick up the technicals like Rip either.

Boozer is a solid power forward. Nothing wrong with him as long as you don’t over pay. Moving Rip for Chandler or another Center that will start with less cap hit would be a great move. Kwame Brown becomes the likely back up. McDyess remains the sixth man.

If Gordon isn’t here, the Pistons can make almost the same move, although to me a better one, and trade Tayshaun Prince in a comparable deal for a Center. Keep Rip and sign Turkoglu insatead of Gordon. I think this scenario is probably a better one.

Turk is also a guy that will score and he plays better defense than Gordon. It does make the Pistons slightly weaker defensively but Aflalo and the big guys down low should be able to keep things tough for the opposing offense.

Well that’s all the possibilities I have for you for now. Until next time. Deeeetrroooiiittt Baaassskkkeeettbbaallllll!!!

Goin’ to work!

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