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The quest continues….

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on June 15, 2009

I went out Sunday, late morning, to search for my state record pumpkinseed. I was able to catch some very nice blue gills in the 9″+ range and a few pumpkinseeds, but the largest pumpkinseed was only 8 1/2″. He was promising though, as he had begun to grow the hump above his eye that mature fish grow. The same lake and bay has produced some decent fish this spring but the fish will begin to scatter more as summer progresses. I have found a bait that I really think will continue to produce good fish. It is a trout/panfish chatterbait from Zman. The Flashback Mini is a 1/16 oz. model that has worked beautifully when I have used it.

I think it’s a worthwhile addition to your line-up for crappie, perch, gills, smallmouth, trout, and more. It’s just a good design.

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