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Louis Delmas may be the perfect pick

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on May 27, 2009

Each year guys come out of the wood work, guys are labeled busts, and many more are all together forgotten. With Maualuga falling and Laurinaitis being available everyone was sure the Lions would grab one of the top ILB prospects. They didn’t, they took a safety.

After focusing mostly on secondary players during the free agency period leading up to the draft, the selection of Delmas raised more than a few eyebrows.

A good prospect, the best at his position, Delmas was overlooked by many Lions fans and media. Myself included, I knew he was good, but didn’t expect the Lions to be looking at him.

Well they did and he’s now at camp, impressing veterans and coaches alike. His energy, confidence, skill, and personality all seem to be right for the job. He has fit in well and has worked very hard.

Delmas is looking more and more like an instant impact rookie on defense. With the poor drafting history the Lions have had and the all around bad luck, it’d be nice to see a guy like Delmas turn into a top rookie.

My opinion is that Delmas is likely going to be one of the top rookie defenders and make a significant impact for the Lions. Gerald Alexander and Daniel Bullocks should round out the main rotation. This should give the Lions a strong safety core and a much improved secondary.

With Philip Buchanon and Anthony Henry likely manning the corners, there will a good mixture of youth, experience, depth, and speed.

Although Maualuga and Laurinaitis should be decent NFL players, neither will likely have the impact on both the locker room and field.

Consider this my way too early toast to management for a good pick.

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Could one more trade with the Cowboys be in store?

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on May 27, 2009

More news about Greg Ellis leaving the Cowboys is surfacing. He has been up and down with management, publicly discussing his future with the team at times. It appears he will not be with the Cowboys this season, one way or another. Will all the talk about Kevin Carter coming to Detroit, I think it may be a better move to grab a guy like Ellis. He prefers a 4-3 End position and is capable of double digit sack totals still. A 12 year vet, he is described as a leader in the locker room and as a guy that is well liked.

A solid DE at 6’6″ and 262 lbs. Ellis can play both the run and pass although he is a pass rusher first. I think on this Detroit team, with Grady next to him, he could get 8 or 9 sacks. Combine that with DeWayne White at 6 and you have a decent pass rush. Not great, but respectable. Bring I Kevin Carter and Cliff Avril to spell your starters and you have a rotation of guys that can get the job done.

I will be watching this situation as closely as I am able.

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