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Detroit River Walleye Fishing Trip May 1, 2009

Posted by detroitsportsandmore on May 1, 2009

Sean had a decent morning.

Sean had a decent morning.

I was able to get out for a few hours this morning to see how the Walleye action was doing on the Detroit River. I was fishing with friends near the Mud Island and the Ecorse River Inlet. The weather conditions were ideal with very little wind, about 5 mph or so out of the West/South West, overcast skies, and temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.

There was very little boat traffic to start the morning and the overall boat traffic was moderate to low as the morning went on. The drive out was beautiful, we launched around 6 am and were still under the city lights as we idled out to the big waters. The Ambassador Bridge could be seen in the distance with it’s lights on.

We spent the entire morning on the U.S. side of the river. We fished in the areas around Mud Island, drifting from buoy to buoy and starting the process over. My friend Sean, from up in Minnesota, was along for the ride and it was his first time on the river. He was the first to hook up and caught a nice keeper Walleye early on. We had several hits after that but didn’t boat another fish for a short while. Our Captain (well it’s his boat anyways so Captain it is) Mike was next to boat a fish. I finally got in on the action and then had a run of good luck. By 9:30 am we had seven nice keeper fish in the boat and had thrown back several more smaller fish. We also caught a few White Bass and Sean and I each were each surprised by a Small Mouth Bass. All in all it was a successful morning.

Other commitments forced me back ashore around 10 am and Sean and I left Mike behind to catch some more fish.

We ran into Captain Jon Bondy with some customers, they were boating fish throughout the morning as well. You can visit him at . I would strongly recommend using a guide the first time on the water. The amount of knowledge you can gain on one trip is worth the cost alone. It is a lot of water to cover and knowledge is key to success.

The water was pretty cloudy and visibility was low. I found the most success came by keeping the jig within inches of the bottom. Most bites were being had about an inch or two off the bottom. I was quickly popping the jig up, sometimes pausing it, and always keeping tension on it so I could feel every bite.

I’ll upload a picture when I get a chance. Until then, get out and make some pictures of your own!

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